Apply to be a SoTelling Pro


SoTelling is an opportunity to 'give back' – while expanding your reputation as an expert-advisor, and sharpening your skills by assessing work from a variety of creators.

Qualifications to Join

  • 5+ years applicable experience
  • A true desire to 'give back'
  • An impartial approach to creators of all styles and skill-levels
  • A commitment to provide honest and meaningful feedback, while remaining polite, helpful, and adhering to SoTelling's Post Responsibly – SoTelling Guidelines
  • A commitment to respond to users within three business days

Application Process

  • 1
    Complete the following application
  • 2
    We'll review it within five business days
  • 3
    You'll be informed soon after regarding acceptance
    If you are accepted, great! We'll get you going right away!
    If you are not, we will not provide reasoning, yet you're welcome to re-apply in six months.

Writing test

Please demonstrate your writing style when giving feedback. (There is no compensation for this.)

  1. Please review this painting:

  2. Then spend between 15 and 20 minutes to provide honest and meaningful feedback and guidance to the painter.

  3. We recognize that you may have no experience in painting. THIS IS FINE, because this is only for SoTelling to assess your writing style. So whether you believe that the painting is lacking in quality and has room for improvement, or it is terrific and only needs a few tweaks, please create fictional feedback for the test creator.

As a SoTelling Pro, you accept and agree to comply with these Instructions and Terms for SoTelling Pros.